What Women Really Want

Most men today have no clue what women really want. Many think they do — flowers, chocolates, and expensive things, jewellery and dining — but are actually completely wrong. There are four main reasons why so many of today’s men find themselves struggling with women:

  1. In recent times, society has increasingly made men feel that they need to impress and seek the approval of women in order to feel adequate and attract them.
  2. Today’s men have been raised watching movies and television shows that depict female attraction in a way that is completely wrong. This has also made the first problem (above) worse by convincing men that they need to impress women. That they need to be a superhero and save the planet before they can “get the girl” — as if a woman’s attraction is a prize that is only unlocked by being a “nice guy” and impressing her.
  3. Men often trust what women tell them when it comes to dating advice. That is, be a “nice guy” and women will flock to your side. Meanwhile, the girl who gave that advice goes out and dates a jerk. The poor guy who followed the advice ends up in the friend zone.
  4. Men often find themselves assuming that female attraction works exactly the same as male attraction does, and that if you’re not sexy, then you’ve got no hope.

Creating Magnetic Attraction

If you’ve ever seen two magnets, you know how this works. If you put two magnets of equal charge together, nothing happens. They just sit there. Likewise, when you have two balanced partners together, nothing happens. Many couples complain of incredibly boring and unsatisfying romantic lives — this is why. The man is too feminine while the woman is too manly. There is no magnetism, and no attraction.However, if you get two magnets of opposite charges — such as “+” and “-” — they attract. Moreover, the stronger the positive charge and the stronger the negative charge, the more intense the attraction is. And just as positive attracts negative, the masculine attracts the feminine, and vice versa.At some point, you might have noticed that in your friends relationships (or your own!) you can tell when there’s a spark of attraction. Likewise, you can tell when there is more of just a ‘friend energy’ rather than that of lovers.This ‘friend energy’ is the result of a lack of attraction. There is no charge. There is no energy. This is why some couples have sizzling hot relationships and just can’t seem to get off each other, while other relationships stagnate, become dull, and just seem to lack that “spark” and energy.

So how does this relate to you?

What this means for you is that you need to become aware of this and not be afraid to embrace your masculine side. Whether you are in a relationship, casually dating, or looking to attract women, be the leader. Embrace your masculine side and take charge. Don’t be afraid to be a strong, manly, masculine man. Women love this.The biggest turn-off for women is a nice guy. The term “nice guy” is synonymous with a weak, womanly, unassertive wimp. A creature that — is more woman than man. As harsh as it sounds, this is how most men are today. The majority of today’s men are submissive, unassertive, and emasculated — a fact that shows in their inability to attract women.The only solution to this is to look deep within oneself and work to develop one’s masculinity. Become stronger, both mentally and physically. Build strength of character. Build self-confidence and a devil-may-care attitude. Have a mission in life and don’t depend upon the approval of women (or anybody for that matter) for happiness. Be masculine and dominant in all areas of life.


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November 25, 2020 at 09:00 am

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November 25, 2020 at 09:00 am

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using.

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